Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Pool Liner Replacement

Anyone who owns a pool knows that keeping up with it on a consistent basis is a must. Often, the parts that come with it initially wear out over time. Liners tend to get worn quickly, so it’s always wise to invest in pool liner replacement every so often. Luckily, Rogers Pool & Patio has […]

Here Are The Different Pool Covers We Offer

If you’re someone who frequently buys pool supplies in Massachusetts, you know that there are plenty of pieces you can buy to make a pool complete and accurate to your vision. There are the basics you’ve probably seen around: liners, floats, chemicals, and pool covers. Did you know, however, that Rogers Pool & Patio goes […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pool

Owning a new pool is an exciting time for homeowners. You now have a space to cool off, hang out with friends, and get a nice tan! Plus, if you have children, they’re going to love it. Before you get caught up in the hubbub, you should consider how to get the most out of […]

Four Ways To Customize Your Pool

pool supply store in Massachusetts

When you get a pool installed and start to enjoy it, you probably think that it’s the height of pool ownership. However, there is more you can do to make your pool exceptional after it gets installed. A visit to a pool supply store in Massachusetts offers quite a few sources of inspiration. The following […]

Getting Ready for Fall: Pools Edition

pool supplies in Massachusetts

While summer is a favorite of many people, others long for October and nights where hoodies are go-to. Wherever your opinion lines up, one thing’s for sure. If you have a pool, taking care of it as soon as fall hits is a must. When the weather gets colder, maintenance becomes even more important. Pools […]

Three Things To Know About Rogers Pool & Patio

To grab attention from the passerby, you need a little something extra that keeps them coming back. Rogers Pool & Patio has been in the pool supply industry for quite some time. However, we’re all for opening our arms to new customers.  Those curious about what separates us from the rest of the pack can […]

Pool Safety 101

You’ve probably been around pools your whole life, and picked up some info along the way. Still, there is always room to learn something else or brush up on a subject that is as important as pool safety. With summer approaching fast, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind for a fun, safe, and […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Pool Supplies

pool supplies

It’s almost summertime, which means your pool will need a tuneup before it gets used and helps you stay cool! While keeping up with your pool may seem tedious, it’s important to go about it the right way. Especially when it comes to dealing with pool supplies, making mistakes is a big “no.” Avoid the […]

Above Ground vs. In Ground Pools – Which Is Right For You?


Shopping for a new, expensive add-on to your home can be difficult for multiple reasons. When there are a lot of options available, it becomes even more difficult! When it comes to pools, there are two main choices: above ground and in ground. Deciding which is best for you depends entirely on your circumstances, so […]

Why Choose Rogers Pool & Patio?

When high temperatures come around in New England, it gets quite hot. It is always a relief to dive into a clean pool and enjoy the relaxing, cool water. To keep everything in line, you need to find a quality pool supply store for all of your needs. If you are searching for a pool […]

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