Above Ground vs. In Ground Pools – Which Is Right For You?


Shopping for a new, expensive add-on to your home can be difficult for multiple reasons. When there are a lot of options available, it becomes even more difficult! When it comes to pools, there are two main choices: above ground and in ground. Deciding which is best for you depends entirely on your circumstances, so […]

Why Choose Rogers Pool & Patio?

When high temperatures come around in New England, it gets quite hot. It is always a relief to dive into a clean pool and enjoy the relaxing, cool water. To keep everything in line, you need to find a quality pool supply store for all of your needs. If you are searching for a pool […]

Benefits of professional pool opening and closing

pool supplies in Massachusetts

Pool season is an exciting time. A time to relax by the pool or take a refreshing swim to stave off the summer heat. The excitement that comes with opening your pool can be dampened by the knowledge of the time and energy that needs to be put into it. The professionals at Rogers Pool […]

Pool Chemicals

Above Ground Pool

Pool chemicals help to keep your pool water sparkling and clean. Testing your pool two to three times a week will help you maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels. Proper testing will ensure that calcium levels are maintained, and that there aren’t any metals present in the pool water. Test your pool for adequate […]

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