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Pool season is an exciting time. A time to relax by the pool or take a refreshing swim to stave off the summer heat. The excitement that comes with opening your pool can be dampened by the knowledge of the time and energy that needs to be put into it. The professionals at Rogers Pool & Patio can help with a professional pool opening in Lowell, MA so you only need to worry about relaxing by the pool. Read on for some benefits to a professional pool opening.

  • There are a number of pieces removed at closing time in order to protect them during the winter. When it’s time to open your pool, returning fittings, skimmer parts, pump plugs, filters, and other parts can be done by a professional who remembers all these pieces that need to be taken care of.
  • You can start the system yourself, but a professional can tell you if the filter pressure is good, if all the pieces are still holding up from last season, and if there are any leaks.
  • If something breaks while the pool is being opened, a professional is equipped to handle it. They can make recommendations or may have a solution right away.
  • Pool opening can be messy. If there was a lot of snow, then there is a lot of water to remove from the pool cover. A professional has the equipment and training to pump that dirty water away, so you don’t have to get messy trying to deal with it or get rid of the mess.

Having your pool opened by a professional means that you can dedicate that energy into something more fun and you will run no risk of injury or damage. And when pool season ends, you can call on the same professional to close your pool. Make sure your pool is protected through the off season and ready to be opened when pool season returns.

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