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You’ve probably been around pools your whole life, and picked up some info along the way. Still, there is always room to learn something else or brush up on a subject that is as important as pool safety. With summer approaching fast, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind for a fun, safe, and successful pool season!

1.) Check the Pool Structure

It may not be indestructible, but your pool should be able to withstand some impact. As it ages, it is bound to show some damage. Before you even open it up, take a look at your pool and see if the structure is still as strong as it needs to be. Also look at the accessories – pumps, ladders, etc. – and buy replacement parts when necessary.

2.) Use Chemicals

Through both human contact and other bacteria, pools can quickly become dirty and unsuitable for swimming. Research which chemicals work best for your pool that get nasty bacteria out of the water and keep its pH level intact. Follow the instructions to the letter, and your pool should look great.

3.) Keep Your Limits In Mind

If you are a new swimmer, or need some assistance, don’t be embarrassed. Whatever helps you enjoy a swimming experience is worth considering. Whether you need some arm floats or can only stay in one end of the pool, embrace it and keep your limitations in the back of your mind.

4.) Keep Animals Away

While our furry friends are like family to us, they don’t belong in a pool with chemicals. They will probably be scared, too eager, or high-strung. Their involvement can lead to liner destruction and more. Plus, the chemicals could cause an adverse reaction on their skin. Save the quality time for indoor spaces.

5.) Get Supervision When Required

Children, especially, need a helping hand when swimming. They may try something that they just cannot do, go too fast, or otherwise put themselves in danger. Don’t be afraid to be a “bad cop” and supervise when you need to or find someone that does.

Pools are great. They offer a space to relax, cool down, and spend time with friends or family. Still, safety is paramount. Bear these tips in mind, and give Roger’s Pool & Patio a call at (978)-454-5517 for all of your pool needs!