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While summer is a favorite of many people, others long for October and nights where hoodies are go-to. Wherever your opinion lines up, one thing’s for sure. If you have a pool, taking care of it as soon as fall hits is a must. When the weather gets colder, maintenance becomes even more important. Pools deal with a lot of damage from colder weather and debris that fall and winter bring.

So, to ensure a pool’s condition is top-notch, there are a few things to attend to before you wrap it up for the season. The first thing to do is kill any bacteria that is in the pool. That way, it doesn’t have room to spread or grow as it is closed off. Let it settle, then move on.

Draining the pool comes next – unless you want an ice rink in your backyard! Make sure it’s safe to do so. Pools contain plenty of water that cause mud and other side effects. It’s important to get all of the water out. So, keep an eye on it and get every single drop out.

Then, it’s time for wrapping things up and protect your pool until it gets used again. Roger’s has both winter and safety covers, so come to our store and find all of the coverage you need. We’re happy to offer expert advice and find the best fit for your pool and protect it from the harsh weather.

Fall arrived and is almost in full swing, and transitioning to a new season involves more than you and other people you know. Property needs care as well, so getting pools ready for the colder climate is key. For all of your pool supply needs, visit Rogers Pool & Patio. Give us a call at (978)-454-5517 and see what we can do for you today!