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If you’re someone who frequently buys pool supplies in Massachusetts, you know that there are plenty of pieces you can buy to make a pool complete and accurate to your vision. There are the basics you’ve probably seen around: liners, floats, chemicals, and pool covers. Did you know, however, that Rogers Pool & Patio goes beyond simple covers? We have a few variants of pool covers that will suit your needs while protecting your pool. Find out which is best for you!

Safety Covers

For protection-based purposes, safety covers are your best bet. They work fantastically during off-seasons and will keep your pool in quality shape. You can choose from mesh, which lets precipitation in but still covers the area, or a solid cover. We recommend solid covers for New Englanders, given how feisty the weather can get in our area!

Winter Covers

During winter, the weather gets harsher, colder, and much less forgiving. You’ll need a durable cover to keep your pool safe. Enter the winter cover. Like safety covers, they come in mesh or solid material and protect pools, and you can buy them with other pool supplies in Massachusetts. Say goodbye to dirt and debris with these tough covers.

Solar Covers

While people typically consider safety as the only purpose of pool covers, the industry has evolved. Now, pool covers can add heat to water! If you’re an avid pool user and want to keep it going during the colder months, this is a less expensive alternative to heaters. Think of the money you’ll save and adventurous wintertime swimming sessions you could experience!

Rogers Pool & Patio is proud to have an extensive list of pool supplies in Massachusetts that cover both practical and safety needs. Visit our store and see what we can do for you today, or give us a call at (978)-454-5517!