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Picking a pool supply store in MA shouldn’t feel like just another chore. Especially in warmer months when the kids are out of school, and you want to spend time with them, you don’t want to waste that time running errands. Kids just want to play and run wild. Nevertheless, you have to take care of business. Rogers Pool & Patio understands the dilemma. Luckily, they aren’t your average pool supply store in MA. They carry everything you need for your pool, patio, and toy collection to keep the whole family excited to run errands.


Some families only ever dream of having their own pool in the backyard. Rogers Pool understands, and so they offer a variety of services from those with pools and those looking to buy one. Whether you prefer above ground or inground pools, Rogers Pool has you covered. For above ground pools, Rogers Pool offers sales, installations, and maintenance services. The same services are offered for inground pools with a selection of designs like Grecian, kidney, Roman End, and more. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop for all pool needs like chemicals, ladders, and floats.


Right beside your pool is your patio. You only have to walk a couple of steps in your yard to get from one to the other. At Rogers Pool, you only have to walk a couple of aisles to get from pool supplies to patio supplies. They carry patio furniture in a variety of colors and designs to best fit your personal style. From tables and chairs to cushions, Rogers Pool has it all including weather-resistant options and powder coating.


Kids can get unruly when you’re running errands. They see the sun, and all they want to do is play. That’s another reason to shop at Rogers Pool. On top of their pool supplies and services, and patio furniture, Rogers Pool sells vintage toys from back in the day. Toys like Barbies, Erector Sets, Hot Wheels, and more mean your kids can look at what they like while you handle the bigger purchases. Plus, with their selection of board games, the whole family has something to enjoy when the weather doesn’t let you swim. How’s that for a pool supply store in MA?

When you’re looking to get your errands done in a hurry or just want to browse for something to spruce up the yard, check out Rogers Pool & Patio. This pool supply store in MA has everything you need for your pool, patio, and playtime with their vintage toy selection. Contact Rogers Pool & Patio or visit them online today!