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Just like any good you purchase, pool liners have a shelf life. Assuming a pool is well maintained, it’s liner can last up to twelve years. That is twelve years of splashing and chlorine and the changing of the seasons. Still, the day may come where you have to replace your pool liner. This can become pricey, but considering how much fun you have in your pool, it’s an obvious choice. Here are a few signs you should look for when considering pool liner replacement.


When you first bought your pool, the lining was a vibrant blue. It made your pool look like the ocean but cleaner. However, as the years go by you’ve noticed the blue getting fainter and fainter. Now it’s so faint it’s basically white. Discoloration of your liner is the most noticeable sign you need a pool liner replacement. Depending on your pool, the liner may even experience staining. This is a definite reason to swap out pool liners.


Another sign for pool liner replacement is cracking. Pools experience a lot of harsh conditions. They sit in the hot sun all day and absorb the heat. Their water is filled with roughhousing kids and chemicals to keep it clean. These factors can cause the liner to stretch, which can result in cracks. Even if these cracks don’t appear to go all the way through, water can still seep out.


Most people don’t think about the fit of a pool liner. The pool liner came with the pool, so you assume it will always fit. This isn’t true. Over the years of usage, pool liners can start to warp their shape from stretching and pulling. If the top edge of the liner starts slipping off the track and you have trouble getting back into place, you most likely need a new pool liner.

Water Loss

There is no such thing as a pool without water. Even if there isn’t enough water in a pool, it becomes a puddle. It’s important to monitor the water levels on the pool for the safety of the pool and the people using it. When you start to notice the pool is losing water consistently, there may be a problem with your pool liner.

A pool is only as good as the fun you can have in it. When your pool liner isn’t functioning correctly, it can result in cracks, slipping and water loss. That limits how much fun you can have. If your pool is showing any of the mentioned signs, it’s time for a pool liner replacement. Contact Roger’s Pool or visit them online today!