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It’s a debate you’ve probably had at one point or another: above ground or inground pools? The majority of people immediately jump to say inground pools. It’s true that inground pools have a lot of advantages like permanency. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that above ground pools in MA have a lot of benefits too. For those of you struggling to decide if you prefer above ground or inground pools, here are some pros and cons of above ground pools.


  • Above ground pools are only temporary. Of course, they can stay up all year long. All you have to do for the seasons it isn’t in use is drain the water. But structurally, above ground pools are designed so that they can be put up and taken down at the owner’s discretion.
  • Overall, above ground pools require less maintenance than inground pools. Being elevated from the ground, it is less likely to have things like dirt and bugs crawl into it. Plus, above ground pools are cheaper to fix if you ever need repairs.
  • Compared to inground pools, the installation of above ground pools is a breeze. Most people can do it on their own, though Rogers Pool & Patio offers installation services for those who need extra hands.
  • Because above ground pools are easier to install and breakdown, there’s always room for improvement. Should your family grow and you need a bigger pool, or you’re looking to downsize for easier maintenance, you can always replace it with minimum hassle.
  • When it comes to cost, what is there to say? Above ground pools cost several thousands of dollars less than inground pools.


  • With any good thing, you’re bound to see at least one thing you aren’t ecstatic about. Because above ground pools in MA are dug into the earth, they can only be so deep. If you want a pool you can practice diving in, an above ground pool is not the choice for you.
  • Especially with weather like Massachusetts, above ground pools damage easier than inground pools. Snow and hail can hurt your pool’s walls and lining, leading to the pool as a whole not lasting as long.
  • Although most families want a pool in their yard, not everybody does. Even more, not that many people want an above ground pool. Though it’s never certain, an above ground pool can lower the resale value of your home.

  • Above ground pools in MA are never given fair credit. While they aren’t as permanent as inground pools, above ground pools have a lot to offer. They’re the cheaper, faster, and easier option. Plus, you can’t put a price on fun in the sun, but if you did, you’d prefer the cost of an above ground pool. For those considering a pool for their yard,  contact Rogers Pool & Patio or visit them online today.