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The best part about owning a pool is the fun that comes with it. Pools give a yard more opportunities to entertain friends and family. Once you have your own pool and the proper pool supplies in MA, a world of possibilities opens up to you. For anybody who has a pool, you know the summer isn’t over without at least one pool party! Here are five of the best games for a pool party this summer.

Marco Polo

The game is named after famed explorer Marco Polo (there’s even a Netflix series about him). The rules are simple: one person is it, and they have to catch the other people in the pool with closed eyes. Essentially, you’re playing blind tag. The only signs you have to go off to find your friends are the swimmers replying “Polo!” everytime you shout “Marco!”


This is a game those of you that had the Crayola 64 pack growing up will succeed at. Much like Marco Polo, Colors has one person who has to tag their fellow swimmers. One person stands in the center of the pool and calls out any color they can think of. If they call out the color you chose for that round, you have to make it to the other side of the pool without getting tagged.


Most people have played Red Rover on the playground during recess. Octopus takes it to the water. One person starts in the middle and calls for the other swimmers to begin crossing. If the octopus catches you, you stay with them as a tentacle. The game ends when only one player has avoided being eaten by the octopus.


The game of chicken has so many different iterations, but the pool game is one of the most visually recognizable. One person sits on top of another’s shoulders. They square off with another pair of players in the same position. Then you do your best to knock the other person off their partner’s shoulders.


The most classic game for a pool party. Unlike the other games on this list, you can also play this game on your own. All you have to do is swim in a circle along the walls of the pool. The force of you pushing will keep the water going after a while to create a current. Once you’ve started the flow, the fun begins. You can either ride a float or other pool supplies in MA like you’re riding a lazy river, or you can test your strength in breaking it.

With games like these, your pool party is sure to be a blast. For those out there in need of a pool or pool supplies in MA, check out Rogers Pool & Patio. They have a selection of pools, pool toys, patio furniture, and vintage toys for the whole family. Contact Rogers Pool or visit them online today!