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Winter came early this year. Typically, you can count on November weather to categorize closer to fall conditions than winter. However, one of the best (read: conflicting) parts of New England is its unpredictability. This year, snow came early and brought frigid temperatures with it. While the winter wonderland aesthetic is great for the holidays, your body may disagree. As the saying goes: the best way to solve a problem is avoidance. How can you avoid an entire season, you may ask? Stock up on classic toys and follow this advice!

Game Night

No matter what age you are, there’s a good chance you don’t spend enough time sitting back and relaxing at a friendly game night. With video games and apps taking over how we play games, there’s a certain nostalgia that comes with an in-person night of board games and classic toys. YahtzeeMichigan Rummy, and even Mystery Date are excellent games that still hold up.


The best way to avoid any weather is to be somewhere else when that weather hits. Traveling in the winter months is a popular choice for those who can afford it. With most family holidays falling in the winter, there’s no better time of the year to get out of New England for a few days. It’s time to text your cousins in warmer states to see if they want to host Thanksgiving this year.

Family Fun

Another victim to modern technology is quality family time. With phones and computers making the world so small, sometimes your home feels too distant. It’s time to unplug and cuddle up on the couch together. You can watch a movie or even play a round of Parcheesi or Pokeno together.


One beloved pastime that vanishes in the winter is swimming. The weather in New England does not permit outdoor swimming, mostly because your pools freeze over. However, there are plenty of indoor areas that still allow for the fun activity. Your local YMCAs or hotels allow for inexpensive indoor swimming year round.

Don’t let New England winters take a toll on your mindset this year. The best way to avoid thinking about below freezing temperatures is to have as much fun as possible. Pick up some classic toys and spend time with your loved ones this winter. For classic toys near you, contact Rogers Pool & Patio at 978-454-5517 or visit us online!