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With December comes a lot of stress. Part of that stress comes with the realization that the year is ending, and 2019 is right around the corner. Another layer of pressure comes with the holidays. You have to run around trying to find the perfect present for everybody on your Christmas list. One aspect of the holidays that so many people overlook is the nostalgia of tradition. Nothing says Christmas spirit like appealing to the inner child in all of your friends. If Tim Allen could give out vintage toys in The Santa Clause so can you.

Lincoln Logs

Before the world had Legos, we had Lincoln Logs. These are the definition of vintage toys. Named after the president who built his own log cabin in the woods, you can recreate a variety of structure with these toys. They’ve kept kids entertained for over one hundred years since their premiere in 1916. Nothing brings out the nostalgia of youth quite like these.

Michigan Rummy

Michigan Rummy is a card game for children and adults alike. The game begins with the player who drew the highest card as the dealer. After that chips and dummy hands get involved. It’s a simple and fun game that can keep anybody entertained on a rainy day.

Mystery Date Game

In 1965, Milton Bradley released the Mystery Date Game for girls from ages 6 to 14. The game was hugely popular to the point it was reissued in 1970, then again in 1999, and then again in 2005.


Parcheesi is the granddaddy of all vintage toys. This game dates back to 1870 in America. Before then, it was called Pachisi, the Royal Game of India. To this day, the game remains the national game of India. Giving this game to a friend is also giving them a bit of culture.

Rockem Sockem Robots

Everybody knows the Rockem Sockem Robots. They’re a classic in every sense. Where else can you beat up your friends without ever laying a hand on them?  Rockem Sockem Robots made violence acceptable and yet peaceful all at the same time.

Give the gift of youth this holiday season. Search through all the vintage toys and find the best fit for your friends. While it may seem silly, the holidays are all about nostalgia and tradition. For classic toys in your area, contact Rogers Pool & Patio at 978-454-5517 or visit us online.