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Distinction LX

When technology and design meet

Distinction Pool

Summer is a time to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Our swimming pools are designed to enhance your backyard enjoyment. Our High End Steel Series has been designed to integrate state of the art technology with the latest design trends. Bringing you the creation of technologically and aesthetically superior above ground pools, we bring technology and design together.

When it’s hot outside, nothing beats wading in the cool waters of your above pool

Pool Dimensions

  • 12′ Round
  • 15′ Round
  • 18′ Round 
  • 21′ Round 
  • 24′ Round 
  • 27′ Round 
  • 30′ Round 

Pool Dimensions

  • 12′ x 23′ Oval
  • 15′ x 26′ Oval
  • 15′ x 30′ Oval
  • 18′ x 33′ Oval


  • 8-inch Injection molded resin top ledge
  • Fully supportive printed uprights
  • Reinforced resin ledge cover
  • All steel top coated with poly-enamel coating
  • All components double coated with Zinc Guard 275
  • Nuance wall pattern
  • Wall coating with layers of protection on both sides
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to assemble
  • Yard extender system for oval pools


Resin ledge cover won’t chip or peel. The flush design eliminates exposed screws.

8-inch multi-ribbed top ledge with printed matching pattern.

NUANCE wall pattern complements the pool’s printed frame, creating a perfect harmony with the Pearl structure.


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